Tuesday, October 1, 2013


There were many similarities as well as differences between the text and the movie Beowulf. The overall theme was the same; however a few of the differences I found were when Beowulf inherited the throne, Unferth was very jealous of Beowulf, and the dragon was Beowulf’s son.

In the film, Beowulf inherited the throne. It was Hrothgar the king of Denmark. That would be king of his land at his death. announced Beowulf king. Hrothgar decided life wasn’t worth living. So he went alone by himself in his room stood in the window leaned over and boom right on the rocks he went and died. His wife came running to the room and looked out the window and saw that he was dead. In the text however, Beowulf returned home to rule over Sweden for fifty years.
The film showed Unferth was very jealous of Beowulf because he had power and strength. Warriors where never afraid when they were with Beowulf. Unferth was jealous because Beowulf got crowned king of Denmark. Also Unferth failed to defeat Grendel and will not face him again. Later he respected Beowulf after he killed Grendel and his mother. In contrast, the text never mentioned Unferth feelings toward Beowulf.
In the film after Beowulf killed Grendel. Grendel’s mother was very sad and angry, one cold windy night Grendel’s mother came to Herot to get her revenge. Beowulf woke up in a panic and stared up and saw his men’s fresh bodies hanging from the ceiling. Wiglaf pushed the doors with anger in his voice and says “is Grendel not dead.” In the text, Grendel’s mother did not kill all of Beowulf’s men. She only killed king Hrothgar’s best friend.

Conclusion: In the book of Beowulf there are many differences from the movie. I found my differences when Beowulf inherited the throne, Unferth’s was jealous, and the killing of Grendel’s mother.

Monday, September 16, 2013

the devil and tom
 I infer that Tom walker was a greedy, selfish man. The author states that Tom loved money and he's selfish when it comes to his belongings. Tom walker is a none caring man and he has no fear and is never scared.
The author states " no fear where ever he goes" the indirect is that he is crazy. I infer that tom's wife is stingy and selfish. Tom's wife loved money and gold she never cared for her husband. Tom's wife wanted to get away from her husband. The author states that " she took all her valuable belongings to the devil to get away from her husband. I infer that the devil was a mean man. A direct characterization is he told tom he will give him some of the gold but on one condition. An indirect characterization is he is very crazy and scary looking.

Direct characterization is that Tom never cared for anybody but himself. The author says that he saw a black man in a hoodie with all black and red eyes. Indirect is that they didnt say he was scary looking.

Indirect characterization is that Tom never said he was nice and sweet. Tom's wife never said she was old and angry at the world.

Friday, August 30, 2013



The moral of Cinderella  is that no matter how hard someone puts you down always keep pushing.
They will always find a way to make you feel bad about yourself.. In this story Cinderella had high standards. If the shoe fits wear it but if it doesn't then don't wear it. basically what i'm saying is you may not be popular but your dreams still matter. The shoe always fits the one who is loyal and never mean.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

I am,I can,I will

I am brilliant
I am a star
hanging on to a bar
yes it is far
I am a shining star

I am...

I can overcome my fear
I can achieve
If  you have a problem I can help
I can learn

I can...                                                

I will achieve
I will set high goals
I will laugh at my pain when it hurts
My job is to live and learn

I am, I can, I will